Cook & Dunn
Coldwell Banker Realty

Kevin Scott's Testimonial May 2020

I decided to use Loren and Michael because they came highly recommended from a good friend . . . and they did not disappoint. My house was in pretty good shape to begin with, but they made recommendations and suggestions that took it from good to great. The back yard was landscaped, and repairs were performed to increase both its interior and curb appeal. In addition, they stayed up-to-date on the market prior to and during the Covid-19 drama.

They work very well as a team, covering both big picture concerns and the detailed issues (even suggesting plants to pick). They recommended staging, and that really made the house pop. In the end, I sold my house well above asking price in a Covid-19 market. I am quite pleased with their teamwork, work ethic, scheduling, attention to detail, knowledge of the business and ability to close the deal. They also have a good sense of humor, which helps. If I ever need to sell again, I’ve got them on speed dial. A great experience!


From Elizabeth Parsons (2016)

Recently my aging mother needed to sell her Cupertino home of 56 years.  We interviewed three different real estate companies in search of a good match for our goals. We talked with a group who specializes in my mother’s particular type of home, another group that is well known in Silicon Valley, and then because a close friend of mine had such a great experience with them, we interviewed the Loren Cook and Michael Dunn team from the Saratoga office of Coldwell Banker. 

I’m writing this review because I want to share with anyone looking to either buy or sell a home that these two are the way to go. I have never seen a team so seamlessly plan and execute a real estate strategy, ever! I have purchased and sold several homes in my life, and without hesitation, I can say that Loren and Michael go above and beyond the realm of top-notch professionalism. 

I had the pleasure to meet Loren in 2012 at an open house while out looking at homes with a friend who was in the market to buy a home.  We were impressed by Loren’s amazing personality, sharp mind, current knowledge of the market, and great taste.  I was so impressed with Loren that I told my friend, “You need Loren to be your agent!” He agreed, and went into contract with Loren and also got Michael as a bonus. 

Michael Dunn has practiced as an attorney in the past and is extremely diligent and sharp when it comes to contractual issues, the law, and he is an amazing negotiator. With the complexities of today’s world, I feel we all understand that good legal and contract knowledge are paramount! 

Together these two make one incredibly well rounded, professional, sharp, and very experienced team. From start to finish, we didn’t have to worry about a thing.  They met with us to develop an intelligent and workable time line to prepare the house for sale. Using their team of professionals at a very low cost to us, we were able to complete necessary repairs, stage, photograph, and market the property to get us into a solid contract with a buyer right on schedule. I was particularly impressed with their marketing strategy and the quality of the marketing brochures, materials…and the open houses were outstanding. 

The other realtors wanted us to dump a bunch of money into the house before putting it on the market. Michael and Loren showed us the cost versus benefits of not going to that extreme.  We appreciated that they respected our budget.  Michael and Loren came with a team of qualified preparatory experts: Finishing contractor, handyman, painters, yard professionals, haulers, electrician, plumber, stager, photographer, and the list goes on. In the end, we went into contract with a solid buyer for a couple hundred thousand dollars more than we had hoped to get. 

Bottom-line: whether you’re selling or buying a house, these two will guide you seamlessly through the process, making sure you put your time and money into the best outcome for you, your family and your goals. If you don’t at least talk with this 5 star team, you haven’t thoroughly explored your options!